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The #1 Challenge

For almost twenty years, I have been asking audiences “What do you need?” And the number one answer is always more prospects, more clients, more sales.

That’s true in every country I’ve been to. It’s true for businesses of all sizes. It’s true for businesses of all ages.

This challenge is a lot more complex than it looks. It involves a lot of marketing – which has to change ALL the time!

And then there’s sales, of course, which takes both time and money. And when the owner can’t keep up with sales, you need sales management, more money, and even more time.

We’ve got you covered!

  • Our Community includes several Member Forums, run by some of the most successful marketing and sales coaches around
  • We have marketing samples you can download
  • Plus training programs geared for marketing, sales, and managing (sales) personnel
  • Classes, audio programs, checklists, and many other resources are available to help you develop and manage both the sales and the marketing roles – All FREE inside the Small Biz Thoughts Community

Exclusive Community Roadmaps

We have an overwhelming about of information. So, we’ve created Roadmaps to help your marketing people and your sales people.

The Small Biz Thoughts Community features “Roadmaps” to help you find your path to success in the community. We highlight the resources needed for each member of your team AND give you tips on the best places to start.

PLUS – we are always available to give you a personalized guided tour through a Zoom video call.

All free to you as a member of the Community.

By the way, here’s a summary of our benefits:

  • Live classes – focused 100% for SMB IT consultants
  • Great discounts at SMBBooks.com, GreatLittleSeminar.com, and more
  • Exclusive content that you cannot get anywhere else at any price
  • Total access to ALL of Karl Palachuk’s books – in PDF, Kindle, or audio
  • Private Community Forums – Meet with peers and share your success
  • Exclusive member-only meetings and trainings
  • Content, content, content
    • SOPs
    • Checklists
    • Audio Programs
    • Classes
    • Webinars and Meetings
    • Community Forums
    • White Papers
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Workbooks
    • Marketing materials
    • and More!

The Small Biz Thoughts Community

The SBT Community is the leading content-rich community for MSPs, VARs, IT resellers, computer consultants, and everyone supporting IT services in the SMB market.

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